Posted on: January 30, 2009 8:12 pm

Are you spending too much time on these boards?

So this is my first forray into the world of blogging. Be gentle with me!!

I have been on these boards for a short while, and have had mixed emotions regarding it. I have laughed my proverbial back-side off at times. And of course ran into the mentally and emotionally challenged as well. The ones you wish you had the opportunity to meet in person, and the ones you know would land you in jail if caught.

My concern is that this new found form of entertainment can get in the way of real life? I find myself thinking about threads I want to start. I spend more time on the boards then I should, and can easily see how this could interfere with getting other responsibilities done.

So....what do you good people think? Do you have any of the same concerns? Are you in denial...or am I a putz?

Not a real barn burner...but rest assured..The King looks forward to interacting with most of you...Thank you for your time and considerations!

It's Good To Be The King!!Cool

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